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HISTORIC FORSYTH PICTURES - 1961 (page 1 of 2)

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These pictures were given to me by Albert Martens, but he didn't know who took them. They
were all taken on a winter day in 1961. 

This area of 9th Avenue has seen a few changes. The first building is still the local newspaper office (now called the Independent Enterprise). The longtime downtown fixture, the Joseph Cafe, is visible just past the alley. The Joseph closed in the 1990s but is back in business, now as a "fine dining" supper club with some new signage. The old billboard, partially visible in the alley next to the cafe, still looks much the same today as it does in this photo; and the front half of the block virtually unchanged (on the outside, at least).

This is a view of the same series of buildings as above, but from the opposite end of the block. Forsyth had two drug stores in the '60s and '70s; Forsyth Drug, seen here on the right, and Yellowstone Pharmacy which was farther east on the same block.

Yet another view of 9th Avenue, this time showing the front of the Joseph Cafe and the Choisser building. The Post Office and a dress shop (Vennie Lane's) occupied the bottom floor of the Choisser building. The Joseph building has more modern windows and doors, but the brickwork above the windows is still there to be seen today.

This is the eastern corner of 10th and Main Street, across the street to the east of the Roxy. These buildings were torn down in around 2004 when the Palomino Mercantile building was moved into the lots.

Forsyth used to have several clothing stores, and here are two of them: Penneys, and Vaughn & Ragsdale, known to locals as "the V&R."  The corner storefront held yet another clothing store, "The Hub," which sold western gear. Ben Franklin later became the V-Store Trading Post and expanded into the space occupied by Penneys. All of these stores are gone now, the clothing stores a victim of Wal-Mart, and the Trading Post a victim of bad management, mostly.

A large share of the buildings in this picture are still being used for the same purpose today as they were in 1961. The Hotel Howdy is still the Hotel Howdy, but the Elk Cafe (after a period of being closed) is now the home of the Speedway Diner. Next to the Elk Cafe is a little store called Valley Auto Supply, which operated in that small location for a few years before moving to its current 9th Avenue location.  The All American Bar became Buff's Bar shortly after this picture was taken; and the Gambles store is now located in a larger building on 9th Avenue, and known as Forsyth Hardware.

 This is the 1000 block of buildings.  The Roxy can be seen in the background with its highway map painted on the side. The two buildings in the center have not changed much in nearly 50 years. The building with the flat awning is F. M. Booth, a furniture store, which eventually became Beals Furniture.  It is still a furniture store today but is called The Gallery. The bowling alley in the foreground got competition in the form of a new bowling alley, Evergreen Lanes, in 1971; the two bowling centers operated simultaneously for a year before the downtown center closed. It later became a clothing store, "The Western," and is now a church.

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