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  Since the Roxy has been around for over 70 years, it has attracted its share of attention from the news media. We've been written up in articles in various Forsyth newspapers over the years, and we've had space in the Billings Gazette, the Hysham Echo, a newspaper from San Diego, and even the "industry bible" of the theatre business, Boxoffice magazine. Here we've collected a group of articles, including the very first articles to appear on the Roxy when it was announced back in 1930.

We will be adding new discoveries of past articles, along with any new articles that happen to appear.

If you happen to run across any old pictures, articles, clippings or any other Roxy memorabilia, please let us know...we would like to add as much history as we can to our website.

Note: Articles have been edited, or notes inserted, to correct mistakes when appropriate.

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  Billings Gazette (probably): The first article announcing the Roxy's construction, early 1930


 Forsyth Times-Journal: Article detailing the theatre's interior, August 21, 1930

Forsyth Times-Journal: Roxy dedication and grand opening article, August 28, 1930


 Forsyth Independent, 1953: Some real showmanship about the advantages of the Roxy's new wide screen!


 Article from "They Came and Stayed," Rosebud County history book, by original Roxy owner F. X. Faust


 Forsyth Independent, 1983: Almost 60 years after its original opening, the Roxy has another grand opening celebration

Forsyth Independent, May 1983: Pictures and short article about the Roxy's grand opening

 Addison Bragg on the Roxy's 60th anniversary in the Billings Gazette (August, 1990) 


An article from Forsyth's Independent-Enterprise on the occasion of the Roxy's 60th anniversary


Behind-the-scenes on how the Roxy's 60th anniversary film series was booked 

Forsyth Independent-Enterprise article about the theatre's 66th anniversary


Billings Gazette article about the Roxy in 1999