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Balcony Remodeling


In 1993, ten years after we replaced the seats in the main auditorium, we decided to give the same treatment to the balcony. Before doing that, however, the old seats and risers had to be removed and a new floor constructed. Carpentry was done by Ron Mogen, and seat removal/installation was done by Mike Blakesley, Ray Deering, Paul Carter, and George Logan.

Not many pictures survive of this particular remodeling project, because we took them with a cheap disposable camera and many didn't turn out... and many of the survivors aren't very good quality.

L-R: George Logan and Ray Deering begin removing the old seats. These 1930-vintage chairs had been in the Roxy since it was built!

George Logan, camera-shy as usual, adjusts his air ratchet which was a huge help in getting the old seats out.

  Since we changed the layout of the balcony seats from three sections to a more user-friendly continental seating arrangement, a new floor had to be built. Ron Mogen of Forsyth handled this task which was a real challenge due to the unusual configuration of the subfloor underneath. (Ask Ron about it someday!)

After a long evening of removing seats and tearing out the old risers, the crew relaxes for a minute. L-R: Justin Logan, George Logan, Paul Carter

Finished! After being closed since 1983, the balcony opened in July 1993 for our showings of "Jurassic Park."