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We don't know how many coats of paint the Roxy has worn over the years, but here are a few of the colors it's been. We are always looking for older pictures of the theatre, so please let us know if you have any.


 This photo was taken in 1962 during the Forsyth Horse Show parade. I've always wondered who had the bright idea to paint the roof tiles silver. The tiles were silver from at least the 1950s until we painted them a more natural red color in 1990. They were most recently painted in September 2003.

This is the earliest color photo we have of the theatre. If you have something older, please contact us.

 Here's the Roxy getting its 1979 paint job. This picture also shows a lot of other great detail from the era. First, there's the bar next door (which was originally a bank building), before its front windows were filled in. The service station on the other side of the theatre is now the Flower Boutique. You can also see the Montana map on the side of the theatre -- we removed it because the highway numbers and mileages weren't accurate any more. Then there are the windows over the theatre marquee. The original windows were similar to the ones in the upper corners of the building, with multiple small panes of glass. The windows pictured here were installed sometime in the 1950s, boarded over in the '80s, and finally replaced in the '90s. Finally, notice the original front doors of the theatre. The doors were added sometime in the first few years of operation. We've since replaced them with modern doors.

Our 1990 paint job was the first one in several decades to fully emphasize the design details in the building (check out the areas on each side of the marquee, compared with the 1979 photo above). Note the first version of our Pepsi sign, and now the windows above the marquee have been boarded over. For most of the 1980s, the boarded-over windows sported four-foot tall letters spelling R-O-X-Y. We got rid of the letters when the windows were restored.

The year after this paint job was finished, the neon restoration project began, and was completed in 1992. (The picture at the top of this page was taken the day the neon was completed.)

 In 1996, we decided to really paint the Roxy, by removing all the coats of old paint underneath and patching the cracks in the stucco. The job was done by Paul Carter, formerly of Forsyth but now of Billings.

This picture shows the building with almost all of the old paint removed, finally exposing the original color of the stucco underneath. (We think it's probably darkened with time.) The discovery of this color is the primary reason for the "cream" color of the theatre today.

For a full set of pictures of the 1996 paint job, click HERE.

In just under three weeks, the scene above was transformed into the finished product seen here. The job took about twice as long as anticipated, partly due to the extra effort required to remove the old paint without damaging the 66-year-old stucco underneath, and also due to the many cracks in the stucco which had to be sealed.

This picture was taken in September 1996, the day Paul finished painting.

Our most recent paint job was the tile roof, which was repainted in the summer of 2003 with the same color as seen here.