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Forsyth Community Theater Presents

In May 1980, with the new auditorium at Forsyth High School still under construction, the fledgling Forsyth Community Theater group staged their first production, ZORRO GOES TO PARIS, at the Roxy for three fun-filled days. The play starred Dennis Critelli as Zorro, with Steve Roll, Ray Deering, Tim Critelli, Webster Russell, Jean Lemire Dahlman, Ginger Lee Gross, Sarah Lachkar, and others taking the Roxy stage. Several of the cast played multiple roles in the story which featured several plotlines all intersecting until the pieces fall together at the end.

The play was a mixture of comedy, treachery, romance and intrigue, but the plot didn't really matter...the crowds were there for the fun of seeing local talent onstage, and there was no shortage of that! The play drew a near-sellout crowd for every performance.

After the successful Roxy run of ZORRO, the group moved to the newly built Forsyth High School auditorium for their future productions. The group presented a handful of plays, including one written in-house, before disbanding in the mid 1980s.

NOTE: In order to avoid disrupting the performance, pictures were taken with available light, which resulted in some dark images. Please bear with us. Also, females on these pages are referred to by the names they had when the pictures were taken.


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The cast participated in the Forsyth Horse Show parade to drum up ticket sales. These candid shots were taken before the parade got underway. (L-R: Dennis Critelli, Ray Deering, Sarah Lachkar, Steve Roll, Tim Critelli)

You will find larger versions of these pictures on Page 4.


NOTE: These pictures are in no particular order, so don't try to make sense of the story.
If any cast members want to help us "reconstruct" the play by rearranging these pictures, please let us know.

Zorro (Dennis Critelli) stands in defeat over one of his many enemies

A spirited argument between Zorro and Guy DeGay (Ginger Lee Gross) ensues while Garcia (Steve Roll) looks on. Garcia is wearing one of the many disguises he sports during the play

Zorro is down for the count at the hands of Garcia (Steve Roll) -- or is he? Bernardo (Ray Deering) checks for a pulse, or maybe some valuables

Garcia wears a disguise to fool Fille LeFleur (Ginger Lee Gross) -- but is he really fooling her?

What's Bernardo looking at? Is he scouting for clues, or just checking out Contance's ... dress? Or is the element of jealousy coming into play?

More swordplay, this time between Zorro and Baron Robert Barron (Web Russell)

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