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This page contains some of our latest pictures from 1999 through 2006.

As always, women on these pages are referred to by the name they had when the picture was taken.

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April Maciag (L) and Tiffany Wildman (R) visit with Lynn in the office in 1999

Molly Scheidt and Melissa Salsbery, around 1999

L-R: Miranda Salsbery and Caitlin Watson (Summer 2003)

In 2003, the crew began wearing official Roxy shirts to work. L-R: Jessica Bell, Lindsay Nansel, Miranda Salsbery.

2003-04 crew members: L-R: Beth Roll, Jessica Bell, Kirstin Leonhardt, Spencer Turner, Miranda Salsbery, and Stuart Deering

It's not often you see the whole crew together at one time, but this rare photo opportunity with the 2003 crew took place in May 2003.

2005 crew poses at the local gas station. Now all they need is a car!  L-R: Top row: Kirstin Leonhardt, Scott Lee, Beth Roll, Lynde Fitterer. Bottom row: Jimmy Waller, Alex Matteson, Caitlin Watson.

We shot our 2005 crew photos at a local convenience store, where one of our workers (Beth) had a 2nd job.

For our 2006 crew party, we borrowed a luxurious 1986 van and took the crew out for pizza. A raging snow storm didn't keep us from having a good time!

In the 2006 party van!
L-R: Scott Lee, Alex Matteson, Molly Mellbom, Lynde Fitterer, Nichole Pellant

18-year-old members of the crew show off the fact they can go into the mini-casino while the younger workers can't. Looking on: Nichole Pellant. In casino: Molly Mellbom, Alex Matteson, Becky Roll

Lynde Fitterer, during a rare calm moment at work in 2006.

Lynde Fitterer and Caitlin Watson, 2006. Caitlin came home from college to help us out on this particular night.

Is this the luckiest guy in the world or what? Heading for the Forsyth High School Snowball in December, 2005.
L-R: Nichole Pellant, Molly Mellbom, Scott Lee, Lynde Fitterer, Becky Roll, Alex Matteson



This page contains pictures we've collected over the years of our crew members. We don't have statistics from before 1979, but since March of that year, over 50 different high school students have worked for us.