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THE 2014-2015 ROXY CREW
Photos by and editing Mike Blakesley at Riverside Park, Dairy Queen, and the alley between 8th and 9th Avenue, Oct. 19, 2014

L-R: Logan Kuntz, Paul Johnstone, Sydney Mohr, Kami Kraus, Alyssa Brewer, Morgan Mavity, Aeriel Martens, Sidney Grogan, Cade Johnstone, Kailen Hlad, Hailey Blackwell

Our annual "Picture Day" is when we get all of our employees together for a couple of hours of fun. The "newbies" get better acquainted with their co-workers and find out that yes, the bosses are real humans after all!
We always top off the day with a trip to the Dairy Queen for ice cream once the photos are in the can.

This "selfie" required a bit of work to get everyone in the picture since a couple of the girls were somehow missing when this was taken.  That's Aeriel as a "picture on the wall" in the background, and Sidney (maroon shirt) was pasted in from a different picture.