Buy tickets online!

There are two ways to buy movie tickets online -- either using our mobile App (download it on our home page) - or right here on our site. 

Please read the instructions here first, then click the big ticket below
to visit our ticket-sales page.  The page is not fancy but it's fast-loading and easy.

To use the website:

1. Select the date you want from the drop-down list.

2. Click on the desired showtime

3. Pick your seats from our graphic - scroll down if necessary to see it all.  The movie screen is at the top -- the balcony seats are at the bottom.  If you change your mind you can always back up and re-pick.

4. When done, scroll to the bottom and click "Continue." 

5. Select the type of ticket you want for each seat (adult, child, senior, etc.) and proceed to the payment screen.

You will receive a QR-coded e-mail which you can print out and bring to the ticket window where it will be scanned and exchanged for your actual tickets. One QR code covers all the tickets you purchased. Each code can only be scanned one time.  We can also scan the code from your phone if you can display it.

If you forget your printed code at home, no worries!  All we need are the last four digits of your credit card number to retrieve your tickets from our system.  If you don't have the credit card, we can use your email address. 

Please make sure your e-mail inbox has space in it to receive our e-mail, and it will really help us out if your entire group comes in at the same time.

If you have questions or need help navigating our website or app, we're happy to help - just call us during the evening and press "1" during the recording to talk to one of us.